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Do you enjoy hypnosis as a fetish? Your have come to the right place.  This site is designed for people like you! This site contains files from Brain washing to Gym motivation. This site strives to give you the best possible quality in MP3’s and Video’s.

This is a new site but in time it will grow and become a great resourse for you for you hypno fetish needs and desires.

With in the site you will find a forum where you can ask questions and learn more about hypnosis. Maybe your new and unsure, well that’s fine too, many people started this way just like you. So take you time and explore this wonderful world of hypnosis. Or you could be a long time hypnotist or subject and looking for something new to try, I am sure there will be something here for you too.

If you are looking for files then please look in he top right hand corner and you will see “Store” click on it and it will take you to a section with the style of files available. We do recommend that you down load from the “Inductions” section the file “Sleep” as this file is used as the basis for nearly all of the files and this file is a great foundation for most hypnotic trance.

As it is the law please do note the following that, this site is intended for user or the age 18 year old and up. If you are not 18 then please leave the site now.

Please be accepting of people who may have different fetishes to you, everyone is different and everyone wants something different, so please be tolerant to others, as being different is not a bad thing it makes you interesting! With in the forums please do not use trigger words or phrases wither. Some people maybe in work when checking this site, and I am sure thy would not want to be triggered whilst there, (then again why are you on you on this site during work hours! Get back to work 😉 )

Once again and enjoy this new site, help it grow in to a successful strong community based hypno file sharing site.

Thank you

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DISCLAIMER: we do not use hypnosis for clinical purposes, nor to diagnose or treat any medical or mental conditions. If you need this kind of service, we suggest that you consult your primary doctor for a referral.